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September 22, 1987

The Spectrum
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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When the boys hit the Spectrum, you know the sparks are going to fly. And the gates bust open on this night in Philly with a torrid Hey Pocky Way, Brent’s fervent energy and charisma just lighting up the old arena. Jerry then soars on a stunning Althea, following it up by adding his haunting guitar licks to a sizzling Little Red Rooster. Brent and Jerry then combine to create some magic on When Push Comes to Shove before nearly everyone comes in to harmonize on Masterpiece. A raucous Ramble on Rose comes next, with the audience really digging it. And the crowd again goes wild for the short Addams Family noodle afterwards. A bright Cassidy then breaks forth before a scorching Deal closes out the set.

With the help of Spencer Davis himself, the boys come back with a little sloppy, but absolutely rocking Gimme Some Lovin’. Phil is on fire, dropping some serious bombs. And, judging by their stunning interplay, Spencer and Jerry are loving every minute of their time together. Afterwards, the boys fire up a lucid, compact China> Rider, and the energy from that pair spills right over into a potent Samson. From there, the band turns to Terrapin, building to a vivid, powerful jam that seems to be turned over to the drummers a little prematurely. But Mickey and Billy take it from there and head off on a deep percussive adventure. A post-apocalyptic Space, sinister with Mickey’s contributions on the beam, suddenly transitions, becoming emotive and poignant as Jerry starts in on the Handsome Cabin Boy theme. It turns into a lovely little amble with the rest of the band adding some sparse touches before a Playin’ tease leads the way to a billowy Wheel. The Wheel segues into a rollicking Truckin’. And then Jerry sends a gorgeous Stella that sets up a classic set-closing Sugar Mags. A Baby Blue encore puts a cap on the show, the first of a three-night run.

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