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Dead of the Day: September 15, 1973

Providence Civic Center
Providence, Rhode Island
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There are quite a few excellent shows from this day in Dead history, and we had a hard time settling on a single date. But, eventually, we went to 1973 - with Martin Fierro and Joe Ellis sitting in - for Our Dead of the Day. For whatever reason, we only have a soundboard of the second set. The first set is from a middling audience recording, but still lets us hear some of the highlights. For instance, check out the Bird Song> Playin’ that ends the first half. But the second part of the night, especially the majestic Weather Report Suite, is where the real action is. The boys take it out of the break with Mississippi Half-Step and keep it rolling down the big muddy into Big River. Then we get a relaxed, magnificent Row Jimmy with some beautiful contributions by Donna. At that point, Fierro and Ellis - the saxophonist and trumpeter, respectively, on Wake of the Flood - join the band the rest of the way out. And the duo make an immediate impact, as the Dead head off on a tremendous jam out of Truckin’ before succumbing to a short Drums. Then we get a splendid Eyes of the World, set off by Jerry’s playing and the little riffs and runs that Fierro and Ellis put in. Following that great music, Let Me Sing Your Blues Away is a bit of a disappointment, at least to our ears. But the Dead return to form and more in the Weather Report Suite that comes out next. Beginning with a haunting flute and guitar ramble, the boys are locked in. By the end of Part 1, everyone is contributing on some great harmonies with the flute and drums combining for a perfect backdrop. Then Let It Grow just blows the top off the show; the jam through the second half is positively face melting. Finally, Stella Blue comes in to provide a poignant contrast with the ferocity of the Weather Report Suite. Sugar Mags sends out the set and does it with so much pure, rocking energy and an awesome new sound thanks to the horns. 

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