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Dead of the Day: September 13, 1993

The Spectrum
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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There are some great performances on this day in Dead history, including the amazing jams during the soundcheck at the pyramids in Giza back in 1978. But for our Dead of the Day, we look to a very fine show from 1993. The first set is fairly good, but the real magic is in the pre-Drums portion of the second half. Still, you need to check out the Jack-A-Roe and Let It Grow in the first half, both of which are very fine. The Dead open the second half with a magnificent Scarlet> Fire. Jerry lays in poignant, almost melancholy licks in the midst of a heady jam in the middle of Scarlet, making for an extra tasty version. But then it all heads into a splendid Fire On The Mountain with Phil and Vince adding some righteousness while Jerry continues to fire away in such an intense manner. A Playin’ In The Band rolls out next, and the band takes the opportunity to jam off into some fairly obscure areas. Eventually they drop into the fourth to last Dark Star, which is always welcome - and this sweet little one even more - even when it comes in at a scanty six minutes. Afterwards, the band finds its way to a magisterial Terrapin Station. They jam, more or less on the theme, for a full seven minutes at the end before eventually giving way to Drums. With that beginning of the second set, you would think post-Space raged, but, while there is a nice Days Between and a peppy Good Lovin', it just does not match the early going. Still, between the first set and that epic opening to the second set, this makes for an incredible 1993 show. 

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