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July 21, 1972

Paramount Northwest Theater
Seattle, Washington
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This show is so hot and is, in many ways, the equal of our Dead of the Day from 1974. When we first went with the '74 show, the only recording available - outside the official release as Download Series Volume 10 - was a rough soundboard. In the years since, Charlie MIller worked his magic, and we now have a fairly crisp soundboard here. And it reveals a righteous show, including a juicy China> Rider and stellar Playin' in the first set. Also don't miss the aborted WRS into Me & My Uncle; we are not quite sure what happened there, but it is great to hear Bobby laughing. Of course, as you probably guessed, that He's Gone> Truckin'> Drums> Other One> Comes a Time is the real crux of the show.

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