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Dead of the Day: June 13, 1987

Ventura County Fairgrounds
Ventura, Califronia

Our Dead of the Day is the 1987 show at the Ventura County Fairgrounds. The show starts off with an estimable Half Step before launching into a funky Walkin’ Blues with, as you would expect, outstanding keys, but also some interesting echo effects on the guitar licks. The Row Jimmy that comes next is outstanding with arcing Jerry solos and wonderful vocals. Bobby comes out in full force in the Masterpiece that follows in a smooth and soulful rendition of the Dylan tune. A song later a full-force Cassidy emerges with the band perfectly rolling it out for maximal effect. Then a slow and lilting Friend of the Devil rolls out with some awesome, measured jamming, dominated the entire way by Brent. After a momentary pause, Let It Grow rises; a bit lethargic initially, it ultimately launches into a bold, searching, and demonstrative effort to close the set. The second half gets started with a standard, though nonetheless hot, Shakedown before launching into a fully jammed out Saint of Circumstance. The perfect eighties show continues with a Ship of Fools, before transitioning into a delightful, and occasionally quite heavy, though far too short, Estimated> Eyes. Out of Space a brief Other One – unnoted on this recording – emerges, heating up before slowly subduing into a transitive, reflective Morning Dew.  The band finally unleashes all its energy for a solid, rocking Sugar Mags, which sees the second set out. The encore returns to the earlier subtlety and emotiveness with an endearing Black Muddy River. There are moments throughout the show when the band seems to lack for energy, but even that lethargy seems to contain a certain power, making the music more reflective and moody than it otherwise would be.

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