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Dead of the Day: May 10, 1991

Shoreline Amphitheatre
Mountain View, California
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On this day, there is a Dick's Picks from 1978 and another installment of Europe '72. But our Dead of the Day hails from 1991 at the beginning of a three-night run at Shoreline. Right out of the gate, the Dead rock with a smoking Jack Straw. As he does throughout the entire night, Bruce is very present, partly driving the jam and always offering up some great fills. The They Love Each Other next provides an early showstopper, with some lovely boxy rhythm and lead that both Bruce and Vince play off of beautifully. The rest of the first set is really just as wonderful, especially the tasty Cold Rain and Snow followed by a heroic Desolation Row, which is again, literally, keyed by Bruce’s great playing. The second half begins with a towering Foolish Heart, driven on by Phil’s bass and Bobby’s guitar while Jerry and Bruce shape the jams. Though they segue into Saint of Circumstance, the intensity continues, leading to a soaring, circling blizzard of music. Next up, a Crazy Fingers leads into a Truckin> New Speedway Boogie with epic jams in both tunes. After Drums and Space, The Wheel emerges, which is always welcome, but even more so when it leads into a phenomenal Watchtower, which then transitions into a standout Black Peter. It all makes for a great night with a ton – adding in the Baby Blue encore – of Dylan covers.

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