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April 1, 1967

KMPX Radio
San Francisco, California
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This is one of the coolest thing out there in that it is a free form radio program with Jerry and Phil as the guests. It is all part of Tom "Big Daddy" Donahue's progressive radio program on KMPX, which was the birthplace of underground radio back in the 60s. Jerry, Phil, and Tom spend about two hours playing their favorite tunes and talking, both earnestly and humorously, about music and all sorts of other things. Not only are Phil and Jerry hysterical, but you also get such an incredible insight into both the time period and Phil and Jerry's sense of music. It is also so neat to hear the two of them get so pumped because they had a gig out in New York City. But, really, there are dozens of other nuggets like that in the recording. This is absolutely not to be missed!

This was aired sometime in April 1967, but not necessarily on this date.

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