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Dead of the Day: February 16, 1982

Warfield Theater
San Francisco, California
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With only two shows to choose from, our Dead of the Day is February 16, 1982. A solid eighties date with some nice little jams and a fairly healthy setlist, this show kicked off the year for the Dead. Unfortunately, there are only audience tapes of this night floating around, and not too high quality ones at that. But hearing the knowledgable, hometown crowd howl with approval at every turn is a real treat. And there are some beautiful tunes during the evening, especially the four pre-Drums songs in the second set. Throughout the show, Brent is turned up in the mix, and it is a pleasure to listen to him throw down on the keys. For instance, check out his intensity and finesse on the China> Rider while Jerry pours on some sweet, arcing guitar.

Starting in 1980 with a 15-show run at the Warfield, the Grateful Dead became the de facto house band there. Between the Dead and JGB, they played a total of 125 shows between 1979, when the Warfield once again welcomed live acts after a long hiatus, and Jerry’s death. So, it was entirely appropriate that the Dead would begin 1982 with a little two-night run at the venue. Originally opened as a vaudeville house in 1922, the Warfield is a majestic theater with murals on the ceiling, spiraled balconies, gilded facades, and every other accouterment of the movie palace it once was. It must have been special seeing the Dead in such a resplendent atmosphere where the surroundings matched the splendor of the music.

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