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February 12, 1989

Great Western Forum
Inglewood, California
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The Row Jimmy highlights the first set with some really beautiful playing and heartfelt vocals by Jerry. Spencer Davis joins the Dead for the last two songs of the first set. How Long Blues was a monster breakout for the Dead, not having been played since 1970. Unfortunately, Davis, in our opinion, takes away from the tune.

The second set picks up steam, with Bob Dylan joining the band for everything pre-Drums. He is really just playing with the band, though he does take over the vocals in the middle of Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again after Bobby forgets the lyrics. Some people who were there claim that Dylan was calling the setlist, which would explain the breakout of Monkey and the Engineer (not played since 1981) and the somewhat odd second set location of Cassidy, Dire Wolf, and Memphis Blues. 

Another guest, Yoshikazu Fujimoto, plays along with Mickey and Billy on Drums. Fujimoto is a member of Kodo, a taiko drumming troupe out of Japan. Following that percussive extravaganza, the boys engage in some intriguing noodling out of Space into the Other One, which starts rather subdued before gaining some momentum for a rather short, but spirited, ride. Throughout the night, Garcia flubs lyrics, which gets really bad on Foolish Heart. Dylan returns for the two-song encore.

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