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February 11, 1986

Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center
Oakland, California
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The first set starts off with an always welcome China>Rider and is highlighted by an enchanting Bird Song. The second set is where things really start cooking, though. The Neville Brothers sit in with the band, resulting in a Drums opener into Iko. The Iko is rocking but uneven as it seems to take the Neville Brothers and all the boys a while to get on the same page. But they more than get things together by the end of the set with a magesterial Stella into a rousing Not Fade Away. Then everyone, save Phil, comes out for a three song encore, heading back into the NFA before transitioning into a funky, though far from fully jammed out, Bo Diddley. The night finishes off with a solid GDTRFB. Notably, Weir rocked the encore on the tambourine.

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