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February 11, 1979

Kiel Auditorium
St. Louis, Missouri
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The show is fairly standard fare for this point in 1979. There are some high points. For instance, we always like a Sugaree, and this one delivers in spades. The Stella Blue is also quite lovely, as one would expect. But there are also a few tunes that seem like the Dead could have taken them a good deal further, including the China>Rider and Terrapin. However, the biggest shortcoming of this show is the sound quality. Perhaps we have just been conditioned in the digital era to expect every tape to have been worked over by Charlie Miller. Still, this one sounds like a beat up old Maxwell XL II on our hatchback's factory installed tape deck back sometime in the early 1990s. If you do give it a listen, try to keep an open mind or just remember the good old days of trading tapes.

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