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February 5, 1970

Fillmore West
San Francisco, California
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Here I put up both the recordings from this date on Archive. Neither captures the whole show, and one of them has duplicate and possibly apocryphal material. For the record, reports that the setlist is China>Rider, Race Is On, Big Boss Man, Black Peter, Mason's Children> Eleven> Caution> NFA> Cumberland> Uncle John's. Even still, it is hard to be certain of the setlist.

Regardless of what the exact tunes were, the recordings here have their truly majestic points, including, as you might suspect, the whole craziness post-Black Peter. But there are also a bunch of sound issues and a general uneveness as the band transitioned into a new sound and their relationship with one another on the stage evolved.

For some reason, these shows that we are uncertain of the actual setlist and do not have complete recordings really intrigue me. We will obviously never know exactly what occurred these nights, but it is always entertaining to read the various reports from people who were there or at least from thos who thought they attended. And you never know, perhaps this show exists in the confines of the Vault, just waiting to be released to an unsuspecting public.

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