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Dead of the Day: January 17, 1968

Carousel Ballroom
San Francisco, California
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Lovelight starts the show and is filled with elemental, sparse, totally righteous jamming. After the tune, there is some hilarious stage banter from the boys who were clearly enjoying themselves. After that, a short, early Dark Star - the first live one that is on Archive - comes out, luscious and nearly wholesome through early portions before it gets deep and rapturous in its short, five-minute spell. The first China Cat follows; the vocals are oddly delivered, but the runs are familiarly smoking though incipent. The China Cat spills right into the first Eleven, which is full of straight speed-racing, insane jams. From there, a short Feedback jam takes it into a cool and noir-ish New Potato Caboose. Somehow reminiscent of a Raymond Chandler novel, the tune eventually segues to a frenetic, first Born Cross Eyed. Then the real highlight of the show comes out, an exquisite Spanish Jam that ends the first set. It is a truly amazing piece of music, transporting you to some masterful psychedelic duel in the sun with the torero going head to head with a hip, paisley-colored bull, all finished off in a laser blaster fight.

The boys come out of the break with a quick BIODTL into a solid, though not transcendent, Morning Dew. From there, the set gains steam with a spooky Cryptical that heads right into an amazingly focused and tensely energetic Other One. Then the boys continue to unleash in a ripping second Cryptical. The whole show is seen out with one of best Schoolgirls you are going to find anywhere with the band’s playing just barely matching Pig’s intense, pregnant harp and bawdy, bluesy vocals.

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