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Dead of the Day: January 9


January 9th is one of the few days when the boys did not play a show in any year. The other dates are January 19, February 29, December 25, and, incredibly, August 9. 

Since we do not have a sweet recording to proffer from today, we will highlight a few favorite recordings from other dates. And, since we are sitting here watching it as we type this up, we will also point you to this fabulous video from December 30, 1977 at Winterland.

One of the most awesome things we have come across on Archive is the amazing radio interview that Phil and Jerry did back on April 1, 1967. We have returned to it more than once and are amazed, over and over again, at the insights and incredibly telling musical choices they make.

Then there was the incredible run at the Fillmore East back in February of 1970. It is impossible for us to put a "best ever" label on any run, show, or song, but that three-night run is surely one of the most quintessential stands that the band ever made. Here they all are: February 11, 1970 (with the Allmans coming in for a mind-bending jam in the latter portions); February 13, 1970 (one and a half hour Dark Star> Other One Suite> Lovelight anyone?), and February 14, 1970.

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