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P. N. E. Coliseum
Vancouver, British Columbia

Our Dead of the Day comes at us from Vancouver in 1973 with two fully packed sets of incredible music including incredible, jaw-dropping jams in both sets. Things start off with an up-tempo, solid Bertha, followed up by a fine Beat It On Down The Line. But it takes until the Deal to get the first real taste of the jamming that is to follow, though even here it is just some short tasty licks by Jerry and Keith intimating what is in store. Three songs later, we are off and running with an interstellar Bird Song where everyone in the band comes out to play in turn; Bobby, Keith, Billy, Phil, and, of course, Jerry all contribute mightily on this mellow, jazzy, beautiful piece of music. A short, restive Race Is On comes next, linking to an unbelievable trifecta of...